Macaws Parrots in Multipal category

Blue-Gold Blue and Gold Macaws are probably the most well-known. Their beautiful blue and contrasting yellow feathers have attracted people all over the world for many years. They look as if they were entirely blue before someone dipped their bottom half in yellow paint.

The underside of their wings and tail is also yellow.

Umbrella Cockatoos are entirely white at first glance. However, if you startle or excite one, you will see the feathers of its crest pop up, forming a type of “headdress” resembling an umbrella.

List of Amazon Parrots

There are are different species of amazon parrots that exist .We breed the following species of Amazon parrots;
-Yellow headed amazon parrots,
- Blue fronted amazon parrots,
-Orange winged amazon parrots,

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Physical Description: Congo African Grey parrots are probably the most well-known bird in the entire pet industry. They are entirely grey, with the exception of their brilliantly red tails. Most individuals will maintain a bare patch of skin...


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